Of Fear and Peace

Fear tries its best to spin about 
Wind me up, throw me out
Of balance or off kilter
To keep me running lest I find
Not in control I unwind
Into a restless fodder
Fodder to be spun again
Anxiety reeking stress within
To look wherever I can sense
Relief in desperation

Peace quietly and gently calls
“Come unto Me and let fall
Your chaos, it will be gone
No need to run, just sit with Me
Tell Me of the fear you see
Together we will overcome
You’re not in this to do alone
But only by your choice I’ll come
Bid Peace to dwell within”

Peace is there if one just asks
An offered gift, great sacrifice
By the Prince of Peace Himself
It’s not a gift that’s lightly given
Gravely won from courts of Heaven
Yet oft scorned by unbelief
Accept the joys you who believe
Peace beyond your grasp receive
Life’s power worth the living

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