At Christmas Time

As Christmas time comes round again
Our hearts review of life begins
To ponder truths or whys beneath
The things we do, prospects to meet
The yearnings deep beneath the smiles
Lonely, wounds, unending trials

And still the night returns to day
Then night again as carols play
And deep within our hearts we wonder
“Why, oh why is all a blunder?”
Yet, deeply deeply still within
Hope comes to us again, again
For on that night so long ago
Hope truly came, Emmanuel!

“God with us” none can compare!
Our burdens, hopes, and dreams to bear
He comes to us yet every day
“Accept His love,” the carols say
And through the deep of life though mean
Christ’s peace is ours! His light is seen!

May joy and laughter fill your hearts!
For though the darkness did impart
Shadows on your life’s walk way
Begin anew! There’s hope today!
And join the carols’ glad refrain
“Rise up! Rise up! You live again!”
And share the joy with those around
Emmanuel! Our Hope is found!

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