A Snowy Night

Pregnant pause, the muffled din 
Ceases clamor, listens in
To the sounds of silence

Tires crackle an icy road
Pierce the quiet, presence told
Then vanish in the silence

The lingering laugh of children pulled
Toboggans careening round the wood
Til bedtime claims their silence

Trees and bushes heavy full
Wear coverings of frozen wool
Birds, squirrels tucked in silence

Scrapes of shovelers out at night
Clearing paths before the light
More snow, then deeper silence

Snow a wondrous glorious gift
Icy manna softly drifts
Blesses us with silence

Reflections in the darkness cold
Brighten shadows of snowy folds
Blankets of whitened silence

And in the silence comes the bid
Find the wonder, Love that’s hid
In the still of silence

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