Fighting Disdain

As I ponder the New Year, and think of the past, evidences of disdain continue to pop up in my world, like an unexpected booming firework, its sound and lights startling.

Webster defines disdain as: a feeling of contempt for someone or something regarded as unworthy or inferior : SCORN. As a verb it means: 1: to look on with scorn 2: to refuse or abstain from because of a feeling of contempt or scorn 3: to treat as beneath one’s notice or dignity. One of its many synonyms is disrespect.

Respect is certainly an attitude every person is worthy to receive. This holiday season has brought a welcome relief from the highly charged emotional battles of 2021. Mock, scorn, and disrespect seem to be turning towards solace for one another as we share each other’s grief… the sufferings and deaths of loved ones.

As a world we are weary. What a blessing the coming of Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Christ and the promise of God saving us from ourselves. Then the New Year with its hopes of new beginnings and a better year ahead. It is as though the whole earth has sighed with relief, breathing again after holding its breath wondering what man would do next…

Disdain, scorn. A tiresome, ugly thing that stomps through our lives, throws tantrums, especially whispers doubts and discontent in an attempt to divide us and exert its will. As old as the Garden of Eden it yet strives to control the thoughts of man. To whom am I listening? When disdain presents fear or doubt I might have to ask myself that question again… especially when I am thrown off course, vulnerable areas of my life are attacked, my faith is challenged, the pressure rises. So far, even when I struggle to understand, God has been faithful to see me through. His promises are unchanging and true.

What joy to find again that amidst all confusion, God will not be mocked! He still arrives on time. He is still available to us if we would but open the door. His name Immanuel means “God with us.” How do I know? I met Him long ago surviving my first onslaughts of disdain. And still, though the earth trembles, the sun rises and sets each day, and we are given life and breath to breathe. My body may die, yet my spirit will live on, and I can dwell now in that peace that passes all understanding… God has been saving me in many ways all my life. When one opens the door to Him, He is waiting with open arms of love and grace! His invitation is always available, never wears out, is for everyone. It is our choice. Yes, God has already won the fight against disdain.

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