The Tiny Tree

The doorbell rang, I looked outside 
There stood a tiny child
Bundled warm from top to toe
She stood in winter mild

Curious I ope’ed the door
Wondering what she’d brought
With luminous eyes she looked at me
And our gazes locked

In moments brief she calmly spoke
Without an uttered word
She read my soul of weighty grief
Love flowing out from hers

Then with shy and sweetened smile
Her whispered words began
“I brought a little tree for you
To watch life grow again”

To my knees I lowered down
And opened wide my arms
She fell against my trembling frame
Smiles crumpled as tears drowned

“My heart hurts so
I miss him too
I hope that this will do
Maybe watching this tree grow
Will bring him here to you”

As days passed by, and seasons changed
She often came to me
We shared stories of my son
Our hopes, the things we’d see

And always with her luminous eyes
Her gaze intensely keen
She listened to my empty heart
And filled it up again

I’ll ne’er forget that tiny girl
Her gift to me back when
Brief though our time together
My heart began to mend

Her tree grows still to this day
Wide branches throwing shade
It’s tall and strong, a resting spot
A hallowed place it’s made

When e’er I sit there quietly
Under rustling leaves
Voices of my girl and son
Laugh round me on the breeze

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