Unexpected Grace

It was a little thing. Just business cards. A handy way to share information about my blog. But for some reason the image on the front looked off-center, the font on the back so small I could barely read it. According to company policy I could call if not completely satisfied, so I did.

I was delighted with the lovely people who listened patiently, helped me upload pictures of my concern, gave me replacement options, and quickly initiated the reorder. No cost to me. The new cards would be express shipped. And they were, delivered to my door.

Eager to compare the new cards to the original, I gingerly opened the two boxes. After pulling a card from each, confusion crept up my face… they looked exactly the same. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Had they before? Had I made a royal error, thinking the workmanship of others was wrong, when I had been at fault? My heart sank as I grabbed a tiny see-through ruler… yes, the cards were both the same, the images centered.

Calling the company, again, I explained my concerns and remorse for the error I had made. Though reassured by the customer rep, I asked once more: “Do I not need to pay for the replacement cards that actually did not need centering?” Again she insisted I did not. “Even though it is my error?” I asked. “No,” she replied, “it is okay.” My voice broke as we continued to talk. She offered me company credit with the original discount I had received, enlarged the font on the back of the original card for me, and instructed me how to place the reorder. Again, one hundred cards. No charge.

To some this may seem like a little thing, just an incident of company policy, great customer service. But today my tears came for the poignant receiving of unmerited favor, grace, when I had been in error. And through that forgiving grace came reconciliation of the problem, at the cost of the company granting their favor, again supplying remade new cards. Just a moment. A speck in the great expanse of time. And yet, an incredible experience of how God’s grace reaches towards us: unmerited, readily willing to help us, paid for by Him, forgiving, fixing, loving, redeeming… amazing!

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Grace

  1. “Grace, Grace God’s Grace, Grace that is greater then all our sin” Your blog reminded me of this old hymn. Ahhhh, wonderful Grace, thank you

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