Before Sailing On

Holidays passed, the New Year firmly entrenched, a lapse in time seems to hang in the air. Emotions have run high for so long… is this what it feels like when the swells of rising tide recede back into the deep, away from the rocky, sandy shores that have been beaten and lapped and carved upon? Does the sea ever wonder at the pauses, the doldrums? The gentle sway of windless days, and calm nights? Must it always be a torrent, proud flow, tsunami force to make its presence known, to be alive? Or may those quiet, peaceful days bring glad refrain and purposeful rest to an ocean wide?

The older I become the more I crave peace-filled days. Less churning, more learning in quiet ways. Weary of sensory overload, I find myself pulling into my shell, much like a hermit crab. Let the wild and crazy things that raise adrenaline to soaring heights, roiling froths of glistening foam… let it all skid and slide away, wash far out to sea. Even those things that have interested me…

It’s okay to be in a recessive wave, or tidal pool, to rest these days. The storm has lasted, oh, so long. Other vessels have sailed through such straits. So with assurance, let’s pause before sailing on. Held in security that does not fail, though the boat is rocking new and soon to charter an unfamiliar course, somehow the adventure will go on, the route already planned… no need to worry about details. Right now in faith let’s rest awhile… relishing the view!

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