Power Source

“What powers me today?” I thought as my eyes drifted close again. I still felt tired. Was it really time to arise? Did I really have to? Nothing pressing scheduled that demanded my obedient slap of feet onto the floor.

How quickly I reach for that 3×5 sized slender electronic pack that reels my mind and eyes to focus on a very narrow portion of existence. A tiny little speck of the universe, really, though it is quite marvelous the places it can take me, the people it connects me to, the sights and sounds I might see, or the information I might glean or share through it. Still, such a tiny fixation that demands a great deal of my time and attention. Even writing on this tiny screen, or it’s two brothers (bigger and biggest), that is still a very narrow focus in a “hugest” world! No wonder my eyes hurt, and get dry!

What alternatives do I have? Where do I find energy for today? What is my fuel source? Lest I forget I am not robotic, an electronic extension of a large mainframe computer, I might just revel in the experience of being human! Putting away the small power cell, I find I can actually walk away without holding it in hand or securing it in pocket. To think my whole life I’ve grown without direct connection to an electronic mainframe. No surprise really, for I know Who gives me life, breath, the energy that makes my heart beat and blood to flow. Who knew me before and as I was knit together in my mother’s womb. Who graces me each day with a new dawn full of choices and possibilities. Who redeems me from all manner of brokenness, never changes programs on me, remains unmovable with unchanging promises to love and grow me into who I was designed to be. Yep! That’s the infusion I need to power-up me today. The life giving power of the giver of life Himself. Beam me up, LORD! Please empower me to embrace today!

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