Praise Always

I praise You, LORD, for Your might and power 
The grandeur of creation made
Glorious mountains, waterfalls
The strength of love You have displayed

The sky Your vast canvas where
Daily color shows You paint
Living colors man desires
With admiration to replicate

Everywhere we look, dear LORD
Your hand is evident to see
From tallest redwood to tiny cell
This gift of life a mystery

At times Your brightness seems
to dim
As we walk this curious way
When fearful looming monstrous things
Appear, then overwhelm and stay

Now is when our praise for You
Grows stronger in our waning sight
Our puny lamps held in our hands
We marvel at Your constant light

Strengthening faith as we walk
‘Tis but shadows we’re trekking through
Lessons won, though hard fought
In the companionship of You

Dependent not on us at all
Thank You, LORD, for light to see
Your mercy, grace enfolding us
Since then, and now, eternally

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