Taking Down the Tree

Such a glorious thing, that tree that springs up in our living room each December. Aglow day and night it needs none other to bring light into the room. The ambiance feels warmer than a cozy blanket or sweater. It seeps deep into one’s very being…and longings…of past, present, future. Glad ornaments festoon the branches,Continue reading “Taking Down the Tree”

This Christmas Day

God Himself put on our skin Knows our mind games, our life race Came to defeat the sin we’re inWalked this dusty earthly placeGives every single person choice Transforms us by His matchless graceDesires we hear, obey His voice Trust and grow in HimOh the thought that God Most High Would care enough to bendContinue reading “This Christmas Day”

The Broken Lantern

A newly crafted lantern, shined and bejeweled through hours of careful attention, sat proudly on the shelf in all its glory, waiting to fulfill its purpose. The shop hummed busily with browsers, many hands touching, grabbing, turning, checking the lantern from all angles. Did it meet their needs, was it just right for their intent,Continue reading “The Broken Lantern”