The Father’s Care

“Go! Into the house now!” her father thundered. His elder daughter’s defiant eyes flashed as she stood daring to glare at him. “Go now!” he growled, not with menace but authority. She spun on her heel and fled, slamming the door behind her as she stomped into the house. She, with her mother, had selfishlyContinue reading “The Father’s Care”

The Broken Lantern

A newly crafted lantern, shined and bejeweled through hours of careful attention, sat proudly on the shelf in all its glory, waiting to fulfill its purpose. The shop hummed busily with browsers, many hands touching, grabbing, turning, checking the lantern from all angles. Did it meet their needs, was it just right for their intent,Continue reading “The Broken Lantern”

Marching Orders

A whisper brushed across my heartNot loud but mighty just the same March for My glory, said the LORDBeloved, I have called your name Fear not your weakness, nor your strife Turmoils of your mind and heart Give to Me, I will make strongMy presence in your life, your artI love you, child, can youContinue reading “Marching Orders”

Finding Purpose

A quiet contentment A breath and a pause Resting not rushing All the day long No matter the action One’s called to do With purposed direction Contentment comes too So long I’d been searchingThroughout this vast world Discover my purpose Find that that does fill The longing inside meWould not go awayThrough searching life deeplyI’veContinue reading “Finding Purpose”