Mountain Spring Time

Old Man Winter began to shave His white beard shorter day by dayBalding head with white tufts plain Sideburn whiskers yet remainRidges, crevices of his nose All his wrinkles full exposed Now grow tender fuzzy hairEager sprouts on mountains fairWhile he closes eyes to slumberSweating in the noonday sun Rivulets pour from his crown RiverContinue reading “Mountain Spring Time”

Mountain Invitation

Mountain meadows turning golden Fall nips with crystalline air Tiny pine trees scattered random March t’wards next Christmas fairRusset cattails border ditch banksGlow in sunlight’s slanting rays Fallen barns heaped in the grassesTestify of bygone days Roadways ever bearing traffic Streaming constant changing times Still the mountains stand steadfastly Monuments of God’s design Rest, indeed,Continue reading “Mountain Invitation”