Broken for You

“Broken in my heart…then offered to the Father…” These were the words that highlighted her mind as she slowly awakened. Correlations came as she pondered why Christ’s body was broken for mankind. The ultimate offering of self for the uplifting, the nourishing, the restoration of life for others. What exactly did those words mean personallyContinue reading “Broken for You”

Turkey Trot

While returning home from a glorious trip to Banff, Alberta, Canada, dear husband and I were enjoying a leisurely drive through Northern Idaho. The beauty of mountains and pastoral scenes surrounded us in peace and quiet as we drove into the gathering dusk. Without warning our reverie was jolted as something banged against our frontContinue reading “Turkey Trot”

When Life Falters

Air thick, like tree trunks without roots her steps were faltering. Would she topple over taking one step to the next? She could see, talk, move her limbs…well, you know the drill…check heart rate and rhythm, squeeze fingers, touch nose, see numbers of fingers in peripheral vision…it was just her legs and equilibrium that wereContinue reading “When Life Falters”

Jack in the Sunflower Stalk

Jack nimbly climbed the sunflower stalk The prize in sight his aim Reaching long up its full height Plucked a flower head quite clean “Come look and see,” husband exclaimed “He’s grabbed it with his mouth”Us too slow from laughing hardLost pic of Jack going south With a scamper, a victory hopMouth stuffed full withContinue reading “Jack in the Sunflower Stalk”